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The World of Mortgages [INFOGRAPHIC]

The world of mortgages is an ever-changing world, and Mike Shustek is ready to walk you through it. Mike Shustek presents The World of Mortgages infographic, an infographic that teaches about common mortgage types, government mortgages and mortgage rates throughout the years. Some information may not surprise you. For instance, 78% of people 85 and […]

Paradise vs. Parking Lot

While passionate about commercial real estate, I do enjoy a life outside of real estate investing. And Mike Shustek‘s family heralds from the eastern part of the country, it has been my privilege to spend quite a bit of time in Hawaii. There are a number of hotel rooms in Waikiki where you can see […]

Investing in Apartment Complexes

Many investors looking at the real estate market for opportunities begin by looking at the single family market. But that’s not necessary. The main reason investors start out buying homes is because they’ve heard hyped success stories or watched an infomercial highlighting sketchy financial techniques involving phrases such as “no money down” or “fix and flip.” […]

Residential or Commercial Trust Deeds?

By definition, neither is better, but they are, of course, different. At MVP, we focus on commercial properties, such as multi-unit apartment buildings or shopping centers. Such properties are valued based on the cash flow they produce each year. We are not involved in single-family residential properties, where the value is based upon comparable property […]

A Demand for Trust Deed Investing

Throughout this great country of ours there is a growing demand in the area of real estate trust deeds investing. This demand, by borrowers and investors alike, can be quickly traced to direct and indirect influences at our national banks. Unless you’ve been hiding in a cave the past few years (and who could blame […]

Improved Real Estate Health in 2012

The commercial real estate market has continued to recover during 2012, at a tepid, if not steady, rate. It isn’t too difficult to draw the parallel of the market to the state of the economy and consumer confidence. That said, there have been specific areas of strong market activity. The Southwest industrial market, our area […]